To provide quality health care and keep the surgery running, we need to charge a fee above the Medicare rebate. The fee is what you pay us. The rebate is how much you are reimbursed by Medicare.

Effective 2nd January 2024:

Type of consultationMedicare NumberGeneral PatientsDisability and Aged Pensioners Card HoldersMedicare Rebate
Brief consultation
(Face to face <6 minutes)
Standard consultation (Face to face >6 minutes <20 minutes)23$95.00$81.00$41.40
Long consultation (Face to face >20 minutes <30 minutes)36$155.00$140.00$80.10
Long consultation (Face to face >30 minutes <40 minutes)36$165.00$150.00$80.10
Prolonged consultation
(Face to face >40 minutes)
Telephone consultation (For COVID positive patients <6 minutes)91890$55.00$45.00$18.95
Telephone consultation (For COVID positive patients >6 minutes)91891$95.00$81.00$41.40

Waratah General Practice is a private billing practice.

General Practice is experiencing the same financial pressures as households with rising costs of supplies, electricity, insurance, maintenance, rates, rent, etc.

To continue to provide quality health care and to meet these increasing costs, medical practices unfortunately need to charge a fee above the Medicare rebate.

You can let the Government know that the Medicare rebate is insufficient for you to meet the cost of your medical care by contacting your local Member of Parliament at https://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members

The Medicare Safety Nets can help to lower out-of-pocket medical costs for out of hospital services. For more information, visit Services Australia www.servicesaustralia.gov.au or call 132 011.

A non-attendance fee of $55.00 may be charged if you do not attend, or if you fail to cancel your appointment at least 2 hours prior to your booked appointment time.

Recall appointments are consultations and as such, fees will be charged accordingly.

A fee of $35.00 will be charged for the re-issue of lost prescriptions, lost referrals and any other work done without consultation with the doctor (not eligible for a Medicare rebate).

Childhood immunisations will be bulk billed.

DVA card holders who are eligible for medical benefits will be bulk billed.

The remainder of patients will pay the full fee.

Any minor surgical procedures will have an out-of-pocket expense associated with them to cover equipment and materials. This should be discussed with the doctor.

You will be required to pay for your Workcover consultations until your insurance provider has accepted liability and given you a claim number; we can then forward accounts to your insurer.

Longer appointments are available if you have multiple issues or a complex issue to discuss.

All Saturday appointments are charged full fee, including appointments for DVA card holders.

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